Posted on: September 23, 2011 12:44 am

Why the Triple option works.

In todays college football world the fad is the so called sexy spread offense.  The shotgun, the pistol, wide recivers all over, quick passes and throwing to the running back.  This kind of offense does work the down side is a fast aggressive defense can stop it most of the time.  When you look at the triple option, wishbone, and power I formations that are becoming a thing of the past you get basic smash mouth run run run offense.  Running this triple option is risky because if a defense is ready for it then you are going to have a long day.  The fact is in college football today most defenses are fast and aggressive not big and strong.  Georgia Tech is putting up crazy numbers this year with the wishbone and Navy is giving good teams headaches with the same offense because most opponents dont practice for this run heavy offense.  LSU runs a power I with a big natural full back and they are having great success.  These three teams can beat any team on any given day because they play what used to be the norm in college football.  Call me crazy but I say forget the " wild cat " and give me a full back a fast running back and a large O line anyday.
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Posted on: September 21, 2011 10:52 pm

State of the NCAA

In the past 24 months schools in the NCAA have become somewhat of a game pice used in the power conference game.  The PAC 10 is now the Pac 12, the Big 10 kept its name but now has more than 10 schools,  the ACC just added two more schools giving them a total of 14, OU wants out of the Big 12 along with several other schools, then you have those who will be left out all together.  With this massive change in the landscape of college sports how is the NCAA going to change?  Its more than football.  Now the ACC will have on average six or seven teams in the top 25 for basketball with only one auto bid to the NCAA tournament.  How will these super conferences change the way at large bids are given?  The NCAA is powerless to stop any team changing conferences.  What happened to being loyal?  How are all of the classic rivals going to play each other every year?  Can you imagine UNC and Duke only playing once in the regular season in basketball?  What about Michigan Ohio State in football if they dont wind up in the same conference?  I guess the real question is this....  is money more important than tradition and the loyalty to alumni and fans?  
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